September 25, 2015:

Gotebo and Lobel have been weaned. I think the mares are thrilled to get a break. Everyone is starting to get their winter coats already.

July 10, 2015:

our beloved zazy has been sold. We will miss her, but are thrilled to see her continue in training. She will make an unbelievable sport horse and we cannot wait to hear of her progress in the ring.

July 3, 2015:

We have another confirmed pregnancy. we saw a heartbeat today on ultrasound! we can hardly wait for next spring to come. The foal will be comme il faut x acorado x ramiro x landgraf stamm 776 and due on may 15th of next year.

June 8, 2015:

We have a confirmed pregnancy with jabber! the recipient mare is carrying a cornet obolensky x silbersee x lord x urioso stamm 4232 foal! We are thrilled as jabber's mareline has been extremely prolific in sport. Her close relatives include russel ii, coupe de couer, california, and several other 1.50m+ family members. The recipient will be due right around april 24, 2016.

Also, Tokio was bred to comme il faut today!

June 2, 2016:

Gotebo and Lobel are growing fast! Both of the kiddos are a joy to have around.

May 12, 2015:

what a day! we got word this morning that jabber will be aspirated for icsi and this evening chive foaled a beautiful filly we will call lobel. this gal is a little firecracker and we couldn't be more pleased!

May 9, 2015:

tokio foaled! What a looker! this handsome fella is fancy and has a superior pedigree to boot! We want to welcome gotebo!

April 21, 2015:

Its that time! tokio will go to the repro vet to foal out in the next few days and chive will follow a few weeks layer. both gals are due in may. we cannot wait to see our connor and canturo foals.

April 15, 2015:

we got an update on zazy. she is coming along beautifully! its hard to believe this time last year she had a baby on her side. its time for this girl to continue on in sport and we have no doubts she will excel.

February 2, 2015:

I just received some exciting news. Zazy experienced her first ride under saddle. i heard she is doing very well and minding her manners. we couldn't be more proud!

January 24, 2015:

Linger and Bingham have been moved to their new home. we miss these gals already! congrats to taylor. we no longer have any foals and are anxiously awaiting for may to come. we have a canturo x corrado and a connor x acorado coming!